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Winter Menu 2023


House-Made Focaccia ~ 8 pcs. herb oil. (df,veg) 5- 

Tonight’s Soup ~ changes daily. Cup 5- Bowl 10- 

Deviled Eggs ~ (5) dill pickle and bacon (vegO) 8-

Birria Poutine ~ slow-simmered beef, cheese curds, beef jus, cilantro 16-

Calamari Steak Frites ~ crispy banana peppers and orange miso dipping sauce (gf*) 17-

Grilled Octopus ~ cannellini beans, andouille sausage, Spanish sofrito (gf) 18-

Creamed Corn Dip ~ bacon, fried pita chips (vegO) 12-

Roasted Marrow Bone ~ pumpkin puree, braised cipollini, artisan crostini (gf) 18-  

Roma Tomato Pie ~ spinach, mozzarella, feta, flaky pie crust, arugula salad (veg) 14- 

Sprouts ~ fried brussels sprouts, maple chipotle sauce, house-made bleu cheese (gf*, veg) 16-


Add protein: Grilled Chicken 6- | Crispy Chicken 6.5- | Steak 10.5- | Shrimp 13.5 | 

Tofu 6-| Salmon 13.5


Roasted Cauliflower Salad ~ spring mix, cherry tomatoes, zoodles, sliced almonds, avocado-lime dressing (gf, V) 12- 

Farro White Bean Salad ~ arugula, radicchio, red pepper, carrots, goat cheese, honey-lemon dressing (veg) 11-

Cider Mill Salad ~ greens, pickled apples, candied walnuts, craisins, cider-dijon vinaigrette (gf/V) 11-

Caesar ~ Romaine, pecorino romano, croutons, white anchovy dressing (gfO) 12-

Garden Salad ~ fresh greens and seasonal veggies with house-made vinaigrette  (gf/V) 10-



Fresh Pasta of the Day ~ a different, inspired creation each day with house-made pasta

Lobster and Corn Risotto (gf) 33- 

NY Strip Steak ~  mashed potato, tonight’s veg (gf*) 40-   

Chicken Francaise ~ two egg-battered free range chicken breasts, asparagus, house-made bucatini, lemon butter sauce 27-

Braised Short Rib ~ bacon cheddar grits, red wine demi, asparagus (gf) 32-

General Tso’s Cauliflower ~ white rice and broccoli (gf, V) 27-

Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo ~ white rice 29-

Steak Diane ~ Prime Angus Reserve sirloin, fingerling potatoes, butternut squash, brussels sprouts (gf) 34-

Pan-Seared Salmon ~sweet potato chipotle aioli, ancient grains, maple bacon sprouts 35- 

Cider-Brined Pork Chop ~ double-cut, bone-in. melted cabbage, mashed potatoes, cider reduction (gf*) 35-

Kimchi Jjigae ~ (gee-gay) kimchi stew, crispy marinated tofu, roasted mushrooms, jammy egg (VO) 27-

Cookie Grandma’s Sauerbraten ~ sautéed, buttered egg noodles, red cabbage, gingersnap gravy 28-

Riggies ~ homemade rigatoni, pancetta, parmesan, bell and cherry peppers, onion, spicy tomato-cream sauce 

with choice of roasted chicken, breaded chicken, and/or Gianelli spicy ground sausage 29-


French Fries 5- | Rice 4- | Tonight’s Veg 5- | Mashed Potatoes 6- |  

Garden Salad 5- | Cider Mill Salad 5- | Caesar Salad 5- |

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