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Our beverages change frequently. You're welcome to call first if there is something you're

particularly thirsty for but if you're adventurous and want to quench your desire for spontaneity, just come on in.

Spring Cocktails 

Cider Mill Manhattan

Buffalo Trace  bourbon, a dash of port wine, angostura bitters, 

Luxardo cherry 14-  


Bramble On

Bombay Bramble blackberry and raspberry gin, 

house-made blueberry juice, fee foam 10-



 Bacardi white rum, fresh sweetpea juice, mint, lime, simple syrup 10-


Gold Rush 

Tullamore Dew Honey, house-made lemonade 9-


Blue Jean Baby

Van Gogh Blueberry Acai vodka, blueberry juice, 

lime,  Ithaca ginger beer 10-


Pimm’s Cup

Pimm’s, Ithaca ginger beer, lemon juice, cucumber 8-


Hot Honey Paloma

Mi Campo silver tequila, Mike’s hot honey, 

grapefruit juice, simple syrup, soda 11-



Day Owl Rosé, blueberry juice, lavender garnish 11-



Grapefruit juice, lime juice, 

Mike’s Hot Honey simple syrup, soda water 5-


Pineapple Under the Sea

House-made blueberry juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, 

Ithaca ginger beer  6-


Lavender Lemonade

House-made lemonade and lavender simple syrup 5-

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